Emergency Water Shortage in Zip City

A local water system is asking its customers to conserve water due to failed pumps. The Chisholm Heights Water Authority serves customers in the Zip City area, and said this morning that an electrical problem has caused water pumps to stop working. This leaves customers with only the reserve tanks to supply their water.

The shortage stems from failed breakers supplying electricity to the water pumps used to move water into the authority’s tanks. Workers discovered the low water levels and initially thought there might be a leak, but then found that the pumps weren’t working. They contacted other water departments in hopes of finding a quick replacement, but none were available.

The Chisholm Heights Water Authority supplies water to about 1,500 households in the Zip City Area, as well as Wilson High School. The authority says they are lucky that school is not in session right now, which would increase usage.

The authority says they are treating this as an emergency shortage, and plans are in place to purchase water from another water system if the necessary repairs can’t be made by this evening.

The authority is asking customers to avoid washing clothes, using their sprinkler systems, or filling up their swimming pools until the pumps are repaired.