Weather Coverage When It Counts

WSHF will keep you covered with the latest forecast twice an hour, plus live severe weather coverage when you need it most.

Closeup View of Any Storm

WSHF has instant access to the most up-to-date storm data with our SkyView in-studio Doppler Radar.  You can see exactly what we see in our studios by clicking the radar image on the right side of the page.

The Broadcasters Make it Happen

The most expensive technology is worthless if you don’t have the people to make it work.  Raw information is useless if you don’t know the context.  WSHF has a trained staff ready to break into any broadcast and bring you severe weather information. So whether it’s a routine weather day or a tornado emergency, turn to WSHF for the information you need to get through your day.

Service You Can Count On

At WSHF we strive to bring you the best coverage that we possibly can, and one of the most important stories happening every day is the weather.  Weather can change quickly during the course of a day, and could range from a slight inconvenience to a major disaster.  No matter what happens, WSHF will keep you covered.